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Small Group Health Plans

Are you managing your health plan – or just quoting insurance?


Asking, Listening, and Delivering 

Finding health insurance benefits solutions for small groups is a foundational service of Commonwealth Insurance Partners. We start by recognizing that the needs of small businesses, even those in the same industry and the same number of employees, can vary greatly.  We approach and offer solutions based on asking questions, listening to you, and then delivering custom and optimal results. 

Disrupting Traditional Models of Health Insurance

CIP’s forward-thinking models address the demand side of healthcare costs as well as the supply side. You won’t find better offers or services from any other health insurance benefits advisors and administration team.

Savings for Manufacturers

CIP is a leader in providing healthcare plans to manufacturing companies.  Through industry-specific association plans, we are able to offer programs that are both sustainable and quite affordable. This program allows smaller manufacturers to join together with other manufacturers to have large group offerings and have more buying power for the small group market. Companies with employee numbers ranging from 2-99 will see significant savings.

A Superior Health Insurance Plan for Manufacturers

The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers was established in 1911 as an advocacy group for manufacturing businesses in Kentucky.  KAM’s mission is to create and protect a manufacturing-friendly environment in Kentucky.  In addition to advocating, KAM educates, connects, and provides cost-saving programs and products to its members.


Smaller Employers Benefiting from Lower Costs with Greater Choice

Association Health Plans (AHPs) provide health coverage by grouping small businesses into a larger organization or group. This allows smaller employers to enjoy lower costs and greater coverage options typically exclusive to larger groups.


When providing exclusive Association Plans, CIP works with employers to determine the best fit of employee benefits for their workers and families, and we customize risk and cost optimally for the business with funding options. We can arrange level-funded and partially self-insured plans as well as various underwritten small business solutions.

An Innovator Utilizing AHPs

Commonwealth Insurance Partners is an active broker and innovator of AHPs in Kentucky, including plans such as KAM’s that are exclusive to CIP and deliver unparalleled value to manufacturing companies in Kentucky. See KAM Base Pricing for an example of competitive health insurance pricing for Kentucky manufacturing businesses.

If your business is not part of an association that offers a discounted health plan, CIP will review association opportunities in the initial processes of consulting about your Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, budget, and overall objectives of your benefits packages. CIP can help virtually any type of business with an Association Health Plan that will optimize coverage at the most affordable rates.

Association Partners


Employee Retention & Recruiting with Healthcare Benefits

With the issues faced by employers finding qualified candidates and maintaining employee retention, a health benefit plan is crucial for all involved, and can actually assist your HR department and lower the costs for what is typically a company’s second-highest line-item expense, after wages.  We have a guide to some of the advantages we can implement, here (PDF).

Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) often lack the financial resources or capacity to take a hit on margins or their bottom line to make the investments necessary to boost retention and make positions more attractive.

Because most CIP health plans are designed to guide employees to high-quality care that produces better medical outcomes at a substantially lower cost, the employer pays less, with year-over-year savings of about $2,000 or more per employee. In other words, this program to improve employee retention and recruitment pays for itself with plan savings. Those dollars can then be redirected to the company’s retention and recruiting initiative.

Employers can use this reclaimed capital to fund higher wages, performance bonuses, additional PTO, a premium holiday, additional benefits, a benefits shopping spree, and other valuable perks.


Ancillary Lines to Round Out Your Benefits Package

A comprehensive benefits package includes more than just medical coverage. Let us help you choose from a wide range of ancillary coverages customized to fit your employees’ needs. Here are just some of the additional plans we can offer:

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Basic Life

  • Voluntary Life

  • Accident

  • Short-term Disability

  • Long-term Disability

  • Hospitalization

  • Cancer

  • Pet Coverage

  • HSA

  • FSA

  • HRA


  • MERP

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