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Medical Management 

Right Care, Right Time, Right Price


Utilize a Medical Management Team

  • Before the pandemic, preventable medical errors were the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States – after heart disease & cancer!

  • 30% of cancer, 40% of heart stents, & 55% of spine surgeries are misdiagnosed.

  • After a second opinion from a nationally-recognized center of excellence, only 12% of their patients received confirmation that the original diagnosis was complete & correct!


Lower quality doctors & facilities have higher complications & readmission rates, which increase costs, and in turn, your renewal. 


There is no reasonable price for poor health care – how do you know who is substandard?

Who is Directing Your Insured to the Best Facilities?

It seems counterintuitive, but a lower cost does not equate to either lesser quality or worse outcomes.  In fact, the inverse is almost always true.  This is because those facilities that routinely perform these procedures at a high volume are practiced in them.  They have better results than a physician that only occasionally does them and therefore the complications and costs are lower.  Sometimes the differences in both the cost and the metrics for success can be dramatic. 


Additionally, not all hospitals and patient centers are priced the same – even if they do have the same results.  It is common to see different locations within the same city or even the same healthcare system charge vastly different rates. 

The main purpose of our medical management team is to use objective metrics and evidence-based medical guidelines to ensure the right care at the right place.  


As it turns out this methodology also provides it for the right price.


The Destination Matters...

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