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A Health Plan Designed by Medical Professionals, for Medical Professionals

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The Kentucky Pharmacists Association (KPhA) has partnered with the OSMA Health Plan and Commonwealth Insurance Partners to create exclusive health plan options for Kentucky Pharmacists. These plans were designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals, utilizing a transparent PBM in place of the traditional players. By incorporating forward thinking cost containment strategies with United Healthcare’s nationwide network of providers, these plans provide robust, low out of pocket plans for Kentucky Pharmacists.

  • Access to United Healthcare’s Choice Plus nationwide network of doctors and facilities

  • Transparent PBM eliminating spread pricing and steerage toward brand names over generic

  • No out-of-pocket costs for labs at Quest Diagnostics

  • No additional copays or deductibles for outpatient surgery or hospital confinement

Contact Us

For more information on this exclusive plan for Kentucky Pharmacists, schedule a time to meet with us using the Calendly link below, or leave your contact information for us to get in touch with you.



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