NAHU Member Health Insurance Agents & Leadership

As an essential indication of quality and accountability for health insurance agents, Commonwealth Insurance Partners (CIP) is not only an active member of NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters), but has represented NAHU at leadership levels, including Past-President and Current Board member of the Kentucky Chapter.

For more than 85 years, professionally licensed health insurance agents, brokers, and consultants have provided valuable healthcare financing services to individuals and employers. Professional agents have extensive knowledge about health insurance plan design, benefits, and pricing. Many small employers can’t afford to have this level of expertise in-house, nor do they have the time to administer a comprehensive, compliant benefits package for their employees.

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CIP’s NAHU affiliation and leadership provides assurance of best practices in healthcare financing and compliance.

With HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA and federal and state tax requirements to contend with–as wells as the new requirements stemming from the ACA– professional agents spend a great deal of time helping their clients understand the regulations, complex products, and compliance issues.

Health insurance customers who use agents report being satisfied not just with their insurance, but also with the work performed by their agents–especially when it comes to the agent’s role in finding the right policy.

Professional agents work extremely hard and need to be very knowledgeable to stay abreast of the rapid changes in the healthcare system. It would be very costly for a government agency in a distant location to match the services provided and replace the personal relationships that agents develop with their clients.

Ongoing Support from an Agent

Individuals and business owners typically don’t pay any more for employee benefits purchased through an agent or broker than if they purchased the coverage directly from an insurance company. Insurance carriers set aside a small portion of the premium to pay brokers’ commission, which covers not only the selling of the plan but also much of the servicing required. In today’s declining commission environment, agents spend more time than ever servicing their clients–a testament to their commitment and dedication.

Agent Associations

NAHU is the only national association working solely on behalf of health insurance agents and benefit professionals. NAHU requires each of its members to always make healthcare coverage recommendations with the customers’ best interest in mind.

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