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Kentucky Association of Manufacturers

Are you managing your health plan – or just quoting insurance?

What is KAM?


The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers was established in 1911 as the advocacy group for manufacturing businesses in the state of Kentucky.  KAM’s mission is to create and protect a manufacturing-friendly environment in Kentucky.  In addition to advocating, KAM educates, connects, and provides cost-saving programs and products to its members.

The Why Join KAM Brochure (PDF)

What is the KAM Association Health Plan?

This health plan is a fully-insured major medical health insurance program with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield as the program underwriter.  We use Anthem’s Blue Access Network, so your employees will have access to one of the largest networks of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers in the nation.  We offer 19 plan designs with deductibles for employees varying from $250 to $5000.  We offer very diverse options that include PPO, HRA, and HSA plans.  All plan designs include all essential health benefits.

What Does This Health Insurance Program Offer That Others Don’t?

Essentially, it offers you plans that have a lower base price but require medical underwriting for final pricing.  This program allows smaller manufacturers to bind together with other manufacturers to have large group offerings and have more buying power for the small group market. Employers with employees ranging from 2-99 will see significant savings.

A Little More Detail About KAM…

The KAM health plan was created to exclusively cater to manufacturers that are in the state of Kentucky.  The KAM association allows you as a small manufacturing business to purchase health insurance through a bonafide association plan.  This allows the combination of multiple employers to combine for purchasing power.  The primary difference you will find in our plan through Anthem is that it allows medical underwriting for groups with less than 50 employees.  By combining your group with multiple other groups, we have base (or starting) rates that are as much as 54.7% below the comparable plan through the small group health insurance carriers in Kentucky.

KAM offers your employees affordable, quality health plans designed just for Kentucky manufacturers.

Anthem’s full suite of Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant health plans include:

  • A large network of doctors and hospitals across Kentucky and coverage worldwide
  • Digital tools and resources to help your employees manage their own care and make informed decisions.
  • Health and wellness programs to support employee health.

KAM Benefits Just For KAM Members

Through your KAM membership, you’ll get the advantages of a large group health plan that’s simple to administer and offers valuable benefits, including:

  • Savings on BlueAccess PPO Lumenos® consumer-driven health plans
  • Competitive association pricing
  • Unique products are offered to association members through our large group plan sponsorship.

KAM & CIP Benefits

Erisa Compliance
Your HR Library is your online source for must-have tools, forms, and guidance on Health Care reform tools, COBRA steps to success, state employment laws, and much more.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires plan administrators to maintain and distribute SPDs (Summary Plan Description) to plan participants. Plan Documents are required to be in compliance.

Government Relations & Advocacy 
KAM’s government relations staff participates in each step of the legislative process, testifying at hearings and providing technical data to legislators.

Seminars & Events
Members can increase their company’s profits and maintain their competitive edge by participating in Kentucky Association of Manufacturers sponsored seminars. These programs are designed to educate members on labor relations, health and safety, environmental regulations, taxation, and other issues affecting employers.

Kentucky Association of Manufacturers provides timely information to members through The Goods; The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Kentucky General Assembly Blue Book, The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Kentucky Wage & Benefit Survey, and various other issue-specific publications.

Workforce Development 
We live in a highly competitive world. To increase our opportunities for economic success in the global marketplace, we must make dramatic improvements to our education and workforce development systems.

Kentucky Association of Manufacturers’ staff is well versed in a wide range of issues. One call can give you the answers to common workplace questions relating, but not limited to: complying with federal and state regulations, working with state and federal agencies, developing employment policies, and technology in the workplace.

Contact CIP today to review your business benefits options and savings potential through the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers’ Health Plan.

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