CIP Exclusive Health Plans for Kentucky & Indiana Employers

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Kentucky and Indiana enjoy a broad diversity of employers, from farms to factories, and CIP can help virtually all of them with an Association Health Plan (AHP) to optimize benefits at least cost

Association Health Plans (AHPs) and Alternative Employer Funded Healthcare options are at the forefront of our market strategy at Commonwealth Insurance Partners. By managing our exclusive AHPs and Employer Health Plans, we are able to sustain pricing models that have not followed the traditional cost curve. This allows CIP to truly manage the future costs for your plan. The AHP does pool risk, but the risk is managed from the supply side (i.e. making sure the price you pay for the procedure, medication or consultation is fairly priced), and also through the demand side, via employee health management programs that encourage awareness of all things from knowing your numbers to medication adherence, so that we are able to prevent shock claims.

As we continue to develop employee benefits that deliver the greatest outcomes of health and savings in the communities we serve, CIP looks forward to engaging more employers in their best-performing health plans and continuing to innovate according to the needs of businesses throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and nationwide.

CIP is the Exclusive Broker of the Following Association Plans for Kentucky and Indiana Employers:

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